Information On Buying New Homes In Singapore

As a new property investor, you always need to gather as much information about a property as you can find. One of the best sources for information is to refer to to reach the right contact who is selling the property. When looking at the new homes for sale in Singapore, you will need to press the seller to provide you with as many details as possible.

The first inquire can be on the length of time that this house has been on the market. You can then follow this up by requesting for details on the total number of people who have been able to arrange a viewing. All these details will come in handy later on.

When you go house hunting, be sure to take some pictures for every house you get into. The pictures, which you can snap with your mobile phone, will be a great reference point. It may however be important to first check with the agent as a way of establishing whether it will be alright to take the pictures.

Ensure you view each house during different times of the day. It is actually advised to make three separate viewings of each property, at different times. The three viewings will provide you with an idea on what the house, and the neighborhood is like.

Real estate alerts can help keep you informed of new properties being listed in different neighborhoods, as well as different streets. What you will need to do is make certain you locate the right tool for this. Make sure you specify the streets and the zip codes you would like to relocate to.

It may be important to always have someone with you whenever you go for a viewing. Be sure to bring along someone who is trustworthy and reliable. It must be someone who you can trust to provide honest and unbiased answers.


Knock on the doors of your soon to be neighbors. A neighbor can provide you with tips about the home you would like to purchase. While talking with the neighbors, be sure to observe how well maintained their houses are, and whether there is any junk left sprawling on the front or back yards.

You need to consider the duration of time you will be staying in this new condo, if you do decide to purchase it. For those who intend to relocate after a few years, it will be essential to consider the resale value. You must establish the length of time it will take you to resale the house when the time comes.

Make sure to get a list of all the fixtures and fittings in writing. This will help ensure you do not move in only to find a bare house. The seller should provide a list of everything being sold with the house.

Draft your offer letter carefully. It will be important to make sure you do not rush to make an offer, without first considering all the vital factors. Your offer should always be properly drafted.

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