God’s Voice – Satan’s Voice

Believers claim to hear voices even though there is no sound impinging on their ear drums. They use the word “hear” figuratively. Such is the case with this chart: “God’s voice Stills you, Leads you, Reassures you, Enlightens you, Encourages you, Comforts you, Calms you, Convicts you, Satan’s vocie Rushes you, Pushes you, Frightens you, Confuses you, Discourages you, Worries you, Obsesses you, Condemns you.” in which the main problem is that there are no verses to substantiate this at all. This entirely manufactured out of an emotional desire to put things into neat and tidy categories of black and white.


It is distressing to find out how some individuals stand up for their sacred faith with silly conclusions. Answering the issue of “So why do you exercise belief” with “How can you not believe” can only be denigrated, as that is dreadful thinking of the most horrible kind.

If the best reason you can recall is repetitive, then there is unmistakably no reason to extend the discussion. Faith is just grounded on fact, that’s just why it’s called trust. Faith requires no proof, and that’s on the grounds that there is certainly no need of them. If you want to accept that an unseen creature nibbles on your treats most every daybreak and sends you benevolent fortune in exchange, then no one can show you otherwise, and that is certainly for the fact that you avidly believe that your treats are there one minute and gone the next because of the annoying little munchkin. You cannot see it, no other person can see it, but you know it’s there.

Ever given thought to what it would be like to learn that you’ve been walking in your sleep over the past couple decades, snacking on biscuits while you’ve been sleeping? You would probably grab your cell phone, which you got by using Drug Gift’s Straight Talk promo code so that you would get limitless talking, unrestricted texting and no hassles with a prolonged contract, with the ability to pay as you go each month, a fixed fee, to tell everyone what weird thing has been going on in your life.

The trouble with belief is that it does not have the need for any agreed upon proof. Believers accept due to an intense conviction. No archaic document is expected to be interpreted as basic fact, no matter how popular it is. The Scriptures are merely some individual’s analysis of the ancient times, but it’s so misrepresented that there’s a minimal amount to be gained from it.

And back again to the primary question of the particular reason why you trust in the Lord, your trust won’t represent a sufficient argument to persuade any individual. If you are quiet about it then that is fine only if your idiocy doesn’t harm anyone else. But since we converse with one another on a daily basis, your lack of comprehension can create serious problems as a result, and that is due to the well-known that you have trust. Having trust gets rid of all the proof from the whole dispute, as faith is certainly not founded on proof.

You may very well not really need solid facts to prove your conclusions as you’re already a mindless stupid person, but for other individuals to take you very seriously, you will need to have some knowledgeable justifications. The difficulty with one’s belief is that you are deciding immensely significant resolutions based on it, and you’re also being arrogant about it. Well then you can go on exercising belief that you have to obey your unseen god until the instant you die, or else anticipate being imprisoned forever in a lake of fire.