How Data Recovery Works

There are times that you discover old paper items like photographs and letters that you’d like to keep. As the years go by photos fade and old documents become increasingly difficult to read. Often you will decide to scan the document, negatives or slides and save them as digital photographs onto your computers hard disk drive. There they will stay, safe from the varages of time and preserved in perpetuity, or at least until your computer stops working.

You can’t ever tell when a computer is going to start becoming troublesome. We buy computers hoping that they never go wrong because few of us have the technical where-with-all to be able to fix a disk drive or mend a screen. However careful you are, it’s impossible to prevent damage to a computers hard drive and backup functions are inadequte and hardly ever used, but for many of us they are the only means to bring back lost data, unless we are prepared to use a data recovery company.

Data recovery is a specialist task and is explained well by Wikipedia on their page here. Data recovery companies (also known as hard drive recovery companies) are usually well represented in most countries. In the UK there is Data Clinic ( and in the US there is SalvageData ( Both companies are well know in the UK and USA respectively and provide quality file and folder retrieval services.

Should you loose access to your files and folders most PCs have some basic built in software to assist you in ngetting them back. Undelete does just what you think it will – it undeletes files and folders that have been deleted. It recovers deleted files, basically “undeleting” them. The Recycle Bin is a basic sort of undelete application. When files are deleted, the Recycle Bin continues to hold the information of the file. While the deleted file remains in the Recycle Bin it is not lost and can easily be retrieved and made into a live file again – all you need to do is to drag and drop it to the desktop. All the file’s information is right there in the Recycle Bin, and therefore no long search for the data is necessary in order to re-establish the file.

That’s a simple example of software being able to perform the data recovery function, but not all data recovery can be accomplished by software. Infact most of it can’t which is why Data Clinic and SalvageData exist – to recover data from drives when then is a physical hard disk problem. Something that data recovery software can not fix.

The good news is that you don’t need to search too hard for a hard drive recovery firm as I’ve already mentioned two above. Both are businesses backed by years of extensive experience in the hard drive recovery area. They offer the services everywhere in the UK and USA with all the return shipping of your hard disk offered for free. The professional fee for the recovery of your data can begin for as low as two hundred pounds.

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