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There are some laws that unintentionally make things difficult and at times even unfair for civilians. Laws related to drug possession and personal property forfeitures can be included in these unfair practices. What many people may not know is that the police, or any other government official, can legally search or seize your vehicle or real estate property after having a warrant to do so. Without a warrant their only option is to ask the owners’ permission to do so. Any evidence found during a search or property seizure done without permission from the owner or judge can be legally dismissed.


Circumstances causing Search or Seizures - If law enforcement suspects the property to be housing illegal activities such as drug storing or distribution, they can approach a judge and obtain a search and seizure warrant by stating their reasoning and need to gather further evidence and information. If the illegal activities are happening in plain sight then a warrant isn’t needed. If your property is about to be or is already being seized or searched, you must immediately obtain the services of a criminal defense attorney with a good track record of dealing with similar cases.
Scope of AppealsThe timely intervention of a lawyer can stop an unlawful search and all evidence gathered during such searches can be dismissed in court. If the property is already forfeited, the Michigan law provides a time limit of 20 days to make an appeal against the forfeiture which is a very short period of time to manage all procedures by yourself or look for good attorneys, hire them and then let them work! However, it must be done. Receiving legal advice from a local criminal attorney, in most cases, will be the best bet for regaining personal property. Beyond this period, a case may or may not be filed. In the latter case, the forfeiting agency has the right to auction or sell the property and keep the proceeds.
Loopholes of Forfeiture Laws - These laws grant law enforcement enough ground to make mistakes or take undue advantage via the proceeds. Although it would be unfair to generalize government agencies as corrupt, but corruption amongst government officials is no breaking news. Much importance is placed on what the police suspect, which is why there’s the warrant issuance stage for monitoring these suspicions.

Say you get pulled over for improper driving and the cops find you sober, but, search your car by force to find an illegal substance in your luggage and seize your car. This is when your  DUI attorney can save the day by immediately stopping the forfeiture as the car was searched without a warrant or permission and the substance was not in plain sight.
Beyond forfeitures - Many attorneys will reveal how, many times, innocent civilians suffer due to the procedural fees and loss of property without any sufficient evidence tagging them to the crime. Eventually legislations will cap these loopholes. Till then, time and a good attorney are of utmost essence to avoid this fate.

Criminal Defense Cases

There are just two fundamental kinds of off suits: civil and criminal. Civil lawsuits are suits between two private parties, generally two individuals. Criminal Defense lawsuits are suits brought federal government or by the state against group or a person. The sufferer initiates civil cases, and the government initiates criminal cases by way of a prosecutor. Criminal lawyers are those that defend the plaintiff.

In a Defense

A lot of people who are being charged using a crime wait to employ an attorney. Maybe the believe the charges will be dropped, or perhaps they believe the possible punishment will not justify the expense of hiring an attorney. The may believe they are able to represent themselves in an effort to truly save cash. This can be a dangerous thought, because criminal lawyers can generally be of the help early along the way no matter the reason why.


An attorney also can help a plaintiff by helping negotiate a plea bargain. This includes an admission of guilt in return to get an avoidance of the court appearance and a lessening of the possible effects. Many individuals charged with misdemeanors can prevent much of the cost by plea bargaining.

One way a lawyer can help is by negotiating a judgment of dismissal. Attorneys learn the best way to spot possible weaknesses. Occasionally by presenting the prosecuting attorney with these weaknesses, Lawyers will help negotiate a judgment of dismissal of the charge prior to the charges are formally filed.

Plaintiffs who take part in offenses which are a part of an on-going investigation may use a criminal lawyer to help negotiate a lesser sentence in return for co-operation in the investigation. For example, if advice is known by a plaintiff about another element of the offense which could help a high profile offender is captured by the prosecutors, the prosecutor might be ready to drop some charges in return for this advice. An attorney understands the best way to approach the prosecutor or law enforcement to present this proposal.

What Criminal Lawyers Do

Criminal lawyers represent their customers in suits that the government initiates. Their customers are groups or people that have been accused of acts which are crimes of some form. Maybe it’s a misdemeanor, which can be a serious offense or maybe it’s a felony, which can be a significant crime that may end in jail time or even the death penalty. Criminal lawyers represent plaintiffs that are facing misdemeanor charges, although many individuals consider felonies when they think of criminal lawyers.

Strategies for Working using a Criminal Lawyer

You must utilize your attorney to make sure that your defense goes as easily as you possibly can if you’re in a situation in which you want the assistance of a criminal lawyer. Even if you’re simply facing small charges, your attorney is the one one who is able to help lower those charges and save you 1000s of dollars and protect specific liberties that you may lose having a “guilty” conviction.


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