Six Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Small Rooms

In order to come up with audacious interior designs for small spaces or rooms, it is advisable not to play it safe and to use rarely white paints for the walls. Below is a list of mistakes to avoid when you are planning to decorate a small space at home or in the office like in orange county interior design.

1. Placing too Much Inventory in the Room or Space

Stuffing the room with too many interior design details can fleet away a person attention due to conflicting colors. Notably, a sizable piece of furniture can mostly make the room feel bigger as long as an appropriate furniture selection is made. For example, if the room has the advantage of a high ceiling, a tall cabinet correctly placed has the impact of drawing a person’s eye upwards and away from the tiny view of the room. It is prudent to ensure the every design input counts, holds its place and does not drain too much energy from your eye.

2. Playing it Safe

It is easier, affordable and much safer to be audacious with small rooms when it come to Interior Design. For instance, put a middle scale printed wallpaper of fabric on the ceilings and walls. It is much easier to get bored of a bold print or design in the main rooms or spaces, but it can make a smaller space exciting and attractive. If you don’t know much about design, hiring a professional in interior design orange county is another way to go.

3. Missing the Silver Lining

Treat a small room like a ‘jewel box’, you can turn the small room in the apartment into a luxurious joint or gaming room. For example, upholster the walls in a soft chalk-stripped wool flannel, brown in color. Coffer the ceiling by applying customized interior design and lay a plush red carpet in the center of the room. In addition, you can install a flat screen television on a flexible mount, place an oversize faux-tortoise frame mirror that will create more dimension. Finally, you can add a customized sofa in order to optimize the space.

4. Lack of Strategy

This is an essential tool for every interior designer. You should decide and analyze every detail that will be added to the room in advance. By studying the small room’s geometry, it will be much easier for you to divide the room into task-oriented zones that make assignment of different designing function efficient.

5. Painting the Walls White

According to several tabulated studies, painting the walls Ralph Lauren’s Black Truffles or dark charcoal gray has the potential of primarily making the room feel larger and luxurious to a viewer upon entry. These particular colors have a unique visual stimulation effect.

6. Using Wrong Scaling and Proportion

Customized upholstery is important in case you want prevent the stuffing of a small room with furniture that makes the room feel like it is on steroids. It is essential to include furniture made of the correct dimension; breadth, depth and height that fit the scaling of the room. For smaller spaces, try your best to avoid furniture over 36 inches deep. Choosing the correctly sized sofa, cabinet or table can be done by comparing the furniture dimensions with that of the room.

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