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New Technology Found in HP Ultrium LTO 6 Cartridges


LTO 6 is the most recent computer tape variation in the marketplace right now. This computer tape format can also be made using different materials, apart from having unusually increased storage capacity when compared with previous variants. Specially, the HP Ultrium LTO 6 cartridge may be made from Metal Particle or Barium Ferrite. Visit StutchData.com.au/lto-6-lto6-lto-6-ultrium-6-tapes.html for more details.

Being made of different substances doesn’t automatically mean that the tape format can also be different. So that you can fully recognize this, you have to have in-depth knowledge of what the tape format represents, together with the sort that is material.

Comparing Tape Format And Content
Essentially, LTO Ultrium just refers to a particularly defined data storage format. The standards and specifications of this data storage format are defined by three firms: HP, IBM and Quantum. These three firms are the originators of the technology and they are also referred to as Technology Provider Companies (TPC).
All other businesses, dealing in hardware and both media, are required to abide by standards and the specifications set by the TPCs with regard to LTO Ultrium technology. Having standards that are worldwide establish regarding LTO tapes ensures that all products are compatible and interchangeable, regardless of the company that furnishes or produces them. That is according to the LTO Ultrium’s open standard philosophy.
The three TPCs behind LTO technology are the only ones that can execute any advancements of the technology. Therefore, any firm that makes the computer tapes would be implementing pre-defined technological notions. This makes such manufacturers, along with media vendors, just licensees
Use of different substances in making computer cassettes is’t around shifting the specifications. In fact, whatever material is used to fabricate LTO tapes should comply with the pre determined specifications
Comparing Different Materials / Media Used In Fabrication Of LTO Cassettes
Since the inception of LTO technology, the computer tapes had constantly been made using sophisticated Metal Particles. The motive such media has a robust data protection capacity. It had undergone extensive testing that firmly confirmed its capacity to effectively backup and archive information. Truly, the utility of the media is evident in the countless people and companies who continue to use such cassettes and also intend to purchase more of it.
Although nearly all LTO tapes have now been made using the Metal Particle (MP) technology, a newer technology is now accessible the sixth generation cartridges. This is the Barium Ferrite (BaFe) technology, which will probably function as most dominant media in use for future LTO generations. Both BaFe and MP have a lot in common, particularly since they both consist of a substrate with a coating that has magnetic particles. Additionally, they both offer reliability, durability, substantially the same functionality and cost.
The key aspect that makes BaFe different from MP is the fact that magnetic particles in this media are much smaller as compared to those in MP media. This type of feature would make BaFe an invaluable stuff when future generations of LTO tapes are being made, as a result of potential of a greater capacity.